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Bitcoin Dominance – And the way it affects Altcoins


Bitcoin is the sector’s leading cryptocurrency, accounting for over 60% of the total marketplace capitalization. This is basically because of its sturdy network impact and liquidity, making it the most popular virtual asset for traders and buyers.

but what is Bitcoin dominance, and why is it essential?

In this article, we will take a look at what Bitcoin dominance is, the important thing factors that affect it, the benefits and disadvantages of Bitcoin dominance, and more.

What’s Bitcoin Dominance?

Bitcoin dominance is the share of the whole cryptocurrency marketplace capitalization held by way of Bitcoin. it’s miles calculated with the aid of dividing the market capitalization of Bitcoin by the entire market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies.

If the overall marketplace cap of cryptocurrencies is $a million and the market cap of Bitcoin is $500,000, then the Bitcoin dominance could be 50%.

Bitcoin dominance is a beneficial metric for expertise the general fitness of the cryptocurrency marketplace, and might offer a few insights into the cutting-edge nation of the market.

Key factors That have an effect on Bitcoin Dominance

Several elements can have an effect on Bitcoin dominance, together with the following:‍

Investor Sentiment: Investor sentiment plays a first-rate position in determining Bitcoin’s market dominance. when buyers are bullish on Bitcoin, they’re more likely to shop for and keep the asset, which could boom its marketplace cap and, therefore, its dominance. then again, while investor sentiment is bearish, traders are much less in all likelihood to maintain the asset, and this could result in a lower in its marketplace cap and, as a consequence, its dominance.

Law: The regulatory environment wherein Bitcoin operates also can considerably effect its dominance. If regulatory government guide Bitcoin, this can encourage more traders to go into and boom its market cap, permitting it to preserve its dominance. Conversely, if regulatory government are antagonistic towards Bitcoin, this may discourage buyers from investing within the asset, lowering its marketplace cap and hence its dominance.‍


Adoption: As extra humans adopt Bitcoin, its marketplace capitalization will increase, allowing it to hold its dominance. Conversely, if fewer people undertake Bitcoin, its market capitalization decreases, reducing its dominance.‍

Supply and call for: supply and call for also are essential factors which could affect Bitcoin dominance. If there is an growth inside the call for for Bitcoin, this will increase its price and marketplace capitalization, allowing it to hold its dominance. Conversely, if there’s a lower inside the demand for Bitcoin, this can lead to a lower in its fee and marketplace capitalization, lowering its dominance.

Benefits and drawbacks of Bitcoin


Like another asset, Bitcoin dominance has each blessings and downsides. right here are some of the important thing advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin dominance:


BTC Dominance Advantages

Liquidity: Bitcoin is the most liquid cryptocurrency, with its liquidity regularly surpassing conventional belongings. This makes it easier to shop for and promote, that is beneficial for buyers and traders.

Network impact: Bitcoin has a sturdy community effect, that means that more humans are likely to enroll in the network as greater people use it. this could assist to make sure that Bitcoin keeps its dominance.

Safety: Bitcoin is the most comfortable cryptocurrency, with its blockchain presenting a relaxed and immutable document of transactions. This makes it appealing to traders who’re looking for a sure asset.

BTC Dominance dangers

Volatility: Bitcoin is especially unstable, meaning its fee can range dramatically in a short duration. this may make it difficult to predict its future overall performance, which may be a disadvantage for traders.

Scalability: Bitcoin’s blockchain is much less efficient than some blockchains, meaning it may take longer to system transactions. this will be a downside for investors who want to make brief trades.

Threat of Forking: Bitcoin is at risk of forking, meaning that the blockchain may be break up into two blockchains. this may be a downside for traders as it could cause confusion and uncertainty approximately which version of the blockchain is the “real” one.


Bitcoin Dominance vs. Altcoins

Bitcoin dominance is also an crucial metric while evaluating different cryptocurrencies. usually, Bitcoin is the most dominant cryptocurrency, observed via Ethereum and other altcoins. but, certain altcoins were able to outpace Bitcoin in phrases of market capitalization, inclusive of Ethereum.

While Bitcoin dominance will increase, altcoins are commonly stagnant. when altcoin dominance increases, altcoins start to pass up lots better even as bitcoin remains around its preliminary price.

Historic overall performance of Bitcoin Dominance

The ancient overall performance of Bitcoin dominance is an critical metric when assessing the overall fitness of the cryptocurrency market. usually speaking, Bitcoin has maintained its dominance through the years, with its marketplace capitalization accounting for more than 60% of the overall market capitalization.

however, there have been certain intervals in which its dominance had decreased, such as at some stage in the 2017 bull run while the marketplace capitalization of altcoins accelerated appreciably.

Why Bitcoin Dominance Is critical

Bitcoin dominance is an important metric for expertise the overall health of the cryptocurrency market. because the most dominant cryptocurrency, it’s a demonstration of the power and reputation of the asset, and may be used as an indicator of the overall marketplace sentiment. consequently, investors want to display Bitcoin dominance to gain insights into the current nation of the marketplace.

Techniques for trading Bitcoin Dominance

Trading Bitcoin dominance can be a rewarding manner to make money within the cryptocurrency market. right here are a few techniques for trading Bitcoin dominance:‍

long time buying and selling: long term traders can take benefit of Bitcoin’s long time uptrend by way of buying and preserving the asset. This approach can be profitable if Bitcoin maintains to growth in price over time.‍

brief term buying and selling: brief time period investors can take gain of Bitcoin’s brief term fee movements via trading on the fast time period charge fluctuations. this could be a profitable approach if the dealer can predict the quick term price movements effectively.‍

Momentum buying and selling: Momentum investors can take gain of Bitcoin’s strong network effect through trading at the asset’s momentum. this will be a profitable method if the trader can effectively predict the path of the momentum.

Altcoin investing: buyers can leap ships and make investments into altcoins after they see Bitcoin dominance reducing compared to alts.



Bitcoin dominance is an essential metric for knowledge the overall fitness of the cryptocurrency market. it is a useful metric for assessing the current kingdom of the market and may offer some insights into the electricity and popularity of Bitcoin.

several elements can affect Bitcoin dominance, which includes investor sentiment, regulation, adoption, and supply and call for. moreover, there are each advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin dominance, and it’s important to preserve those in thoughts whilst buying and selling.

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